New Year's Eve Makeup 2018

6 Best New Year’s Eve Makeup Looks

It's New Year's Eve so the likelihood you'll be taking pictures is very high.

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Victoria's Secret 2018

5 Reasons Why Victoria’s Secret is Trash

Why we're done with Victoria's Secret and 5 alternative brands to wear instead.

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What We Wore Blog

Well-Traveled: What We Wore

How the stylish Toronto couple of What We Wore documents their style and travels.

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Poetic Justice Curvy Fashion

Poetic Justice Clothing: Celebrating Curves and Black Girl Magic

How Poetic Justice Clothing celebrates women of color and created the ultimate curvy fit.

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Nira Kehar Chef

Chef Nira Kehar Reveals Her 5 Favorite Places to Eat in the World

The places chef and Ayurveda cookbook author Nira Kehar loves to eat at.

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Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

The Best New Eyeshadow Palettes For Fall 2018

The best holiday eyeshadow palettes filled with shimmer, glitter and rich colors.

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Ankita Makwana

Actor Ankita Makwana Talks Bollywood and Believing in Your Dreams

Bollywood star Ankita Makwana tells us how to make your dreams a reality.

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Ayushita Nugraha: Child Actor to Silver Screen Siren

Ayushita Nugraha talks to us about how she prepared for 'The Gift' and her beauty routine.

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Liane Membis

Liane Membis Tells Us What It Means to Be a BAUCE

How Liane Membis built a website dedicated to entrepreneurial women of color.

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Berggasthaus Aescher Closing?

Is Instagram Killing Some of the World’s Most Beautiful Travel Spots?

Can places like Berggasthaus Aescher, Boracay and Venice handle the insane amount of tourists that visit each year?

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Karis Renee

Karis Renee on Quitting Corporate Life and Building Her Own Style Platform

Karis Renee talks about making the digital world your own.

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Face Exercises

Face Gym: Work Out Your Skin with Face Exercises

Why face exercises in the form of buccal massage, face gyms, micro-current facials and jade rolling are key to glowing, firm skin.

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Tyla-Lauren Gilmore

Great 8: Tyla-Lauren Gilmore and the Beauty Products She Loves

Tyla-Lauren shares her favorite skincare, beauty and hair products which help the Instagram and YouTube star look her best.

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Great 8: Jasmen Khan Tells Us Her Must-Have Beauty Products

What this NYC model and makeup artist uses to keep her skin glowing and her makeup perfect.

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Watermelon in pool

Watermelon Beauty: 10 Beauty Products That Scream Summer

Keep things cool and cute with these watermelon beauty products.

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Tatiana Mac

Tatiana Mac on Creating a Viral Thread About Microaggressions

Why the Portland-based art director created a viral thread about microaggressions.

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Asmau Ahmed

How Asmau Ahmed Is Personalizing Our Internet Experiences

The entrepreneur is changing how we consume beauty, fashion, and video content.

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Villa Sola Cabiati

5 Aristocratic Residences to Vacation Like a Royal

Regal residences that tap into your inner aristocrat.

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Why Sarah Nakintu Wants to Bring Craftsmanship Back to Fashion

How the Ugandan-born entrepreneur created a fashion brand working with artisans in Italy, Kenya and India.

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Instagram Star Aysha Sow Talks Natural Hair and Finding Her Niche in NYC

Why she traded Belgium for Brooklyn to blog about beauty and style.

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